Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas PhotoShoot with Miss E (and Santa!!)

It's Christmas~time!!!! In honor of Miss E's first Christmas, we recently spent a fun day striking a pose for some great "First Christmas" photos. After our "studio" time, we headed out to our new HOA's (we're moving next week!!) 2nd Annual Christmas Party for some family photos AND Miss E's first meet with SANTA!!!! Here are some of my favorites from our fun day:
**The entire album is located at:

Rockin' the Santa hat:

Naaaaaaked Baby!!!

Not so sure about Santa:

But Mrs. Clause is all right . . . I guess:

Princess and Mama before the carriage ride:

That's eeeeNOUGH!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with my side of the family. Everyone was there, my parents, sisters, grandparents and great-aunt. I'm so happy that Kim and Daddy were able to fly in from Hawaii to join us! We are all so spread out . . . it's so nice to have everyone together on occasion! Here are a few casual snapshots from our fun day.
**You can view the entire album here:

Princess might have gotten some chocolate pie . . .

Our family


Miss E in her new outfit

Miss E and her Aunt Kimmy

Happy Baby with her Papa

And then a tired Baby . . .

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our New House!!!

So we've been house-hunting for awhile, and found one that we just LOVE . . . and our most recent counteroffer (yes we played that game for awhile) was finally accepted!!! We close on December 21. I'm sooooo excited about getting moved (although not necessarily about getting moved during the week of CHRISTMAS) and having such a beautiful home to raise my babies in! The neighborhood we're moving to has three swimming pools; a clubhouse with a ballroom, banquet halls, and full-service fitness center; two playgrounds and a barbecue/picnic area. It is also only a very short distance to not one, but two major lakes, much to my husband's delight (he's already boat shopping!) It truly is the home of my dreams!

**These are pictures that accompanied the real estate listing when the house was put on the market. I did NOT take them and the furniture and other personal items in the pictures do not belong to us.

The front view from the street (it sits in cul-de-sac of sorts):

The back yard (plenty of room for my doggies):

The staircase and desk area/wet bar:

The kitchen with the biggest island EVER!:

The breakfast area:

The formal living area:

The master bedroom:

The upstairs game room:

The living room:

Another view of the living room:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween PhotoShoot with Princess E

What is Halloween without a visit to the Pumpkin Patch?! For Miss E's first Halloween, we did just that. A billion pumpkins and three wardrobe changes later, we got some great shots!
**You can see the entire album here:

4-Month PhotoShoot with Princess E

We recently spent a fun Saturday taking 4-Month pictures of Miss E. She was on her best behavior . . . until she decided she'd had enough, and then she let us know! Here are some of my favorites!!
**The entire album is available at:

1-Month PhotoShoot with Princess E

We had our first photoshoot with Miss E when she was one month old. She was completely uncooperative and was NOT "ready for her close-up," but we managed to get some good shots in spite of her best efforts to the contrary! This shoot was indoors as I had not yet realized how much better "God's light" is for photography. Here are some of the highlights:
**you can view the entire shoot here:


Welcome to my brand new Blog! Stay tuned for updates containing "footage" from our recent Halloween and 4-Month photoshoots with Princess Peanut! I gave my "official Notice of Resignation" today at work, effective as of December 31. Look for Holiday posts coming up, and then many more after the first of the year when I'm home full time and can pursue my passions!