Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our New House!!!

So we've been house-hunting for awhile, and found one that we just LOVE . . . and our most recent counteroffer (yes we played that game for awhile) was finally accepted!!! We close on December 21. I'm sooooo excited about getting moved (although not necessarily about getting moved during the week of CHRISTMAS) and having such a beautiful home to raise my babies in! The neighborhood we're moving to has three swimming pools; a clubhouse with a ballroom, banquet halls, and full-service fitness center; two playgrounds and a barbecue/picnic area. It is also only a very short distance to not one, but two major lakes, much to my husband's delight (he's already boat shopping!) It truly is the home of my dreams!

**These are pictures that accompanied the real estate listing when the house was put on the market. I did NOT take them and the furniture and other personal items in the pictures do not belong to us.

The front view from the street (it sits in cul-de-sac of sorts):

The back yard (plenty of room for my doggies):

The staircase and desk area/wet bar:

The kitchen with the biggest island EVER!:

The breakfast area:

The formal living area:

The master bedroom:

The upstairs game room:

The living room:

Another view of the living room: