Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas PhotoShoot with Miss E (and Santa!!)

It's Christmas~time!!!! In honor of Miss E's first Christmas, we recently spent a fun day striking a pose for some great "First Christmas" photos. After our "studio" time, we headed out to our new HOA's (we're moving next week!!) 2nd Annual Christmas Party for some family photos AND Miss E's first meet with SANTA!!!! Here are some of my favorites from our fun day:
**The entire album is located at:

Rockin' the Santa hat:

Naaaaaaked Baby!!!

Not so sure about Santa:

But Mrs. Clause is all right . . . I guess:

Princess and Mama before the carriage ride:

That's eeeeNOUGH!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with my side of the family. Everyone was there, my parents, sisters, grandparents and great-aunt. I'm so happy that Kim and Daddy were able to fly in from Hawaii to join us! We are all so spread out . . . it's so nice to have everyone together on occasion! Here are a few casual snapshots from our fun day.
**You can view the entire album here:

Princess might have gotten some chocolate pie . . .

Our family


Miss E in her new outfit

Miss E and her Aunt Kimmy

Happy Baby with her Papa

And then a tired Baby . . .