Monday, January 31, 2011

HAL After-Holiday Party / DFW Event Photography

Once upon a time, in a previous life before babies and laundry and Cheerios, I was a legal assistant at a wonderful law firm in North Dallas. Since my "retirement" at the end of 2009 to become a stay at home mommy, I've kept in touch with the fantastic people there, and have had the privilege of returning several times to fill in and cover for peoples' vacations and other absences. Each year, the office holds it's annual After-Holiday Party in January (they believe December is a time for family), and were so very kind as to invite me this year even despite my "retired" status. This year's party was an "Iron Chef Competition and Cocktail Shake-Off" held at the Viking Culinary Arts Center! Here are some fun shots of our fabulous evening of cuisine and cocktails! *detail shots only due to a lack of a mass Release*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

R Family Portraits / DFW Family Photographer

Sweet Mrs. R is a long-time friend of my mom's, and has been a surrogate "extra" grandma to my babies since before the first was born!! She was recently blessed with her very own grandbaby, and I had the pleasure of taking the very first set of official R Family Portraits since the arrival of Baby J. We met at the Fort Worth Stockyards on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, and managed to find a couple of quiet spots amid all the crowded chaos!! Here are a handful of my favorites:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Thank You for 2010 and Some Changes for 2011

It’s been an amazing year!! After starting out the year completing my training in digital photography at the University of North Texas, I then moved on to several unpaid, skill-building Sessions in the spring. I spent the summer continuing to research, learn, and practice, and was given the honor of shooting my first two weddings. Late summer and throughout the fall, I began booking paid Sessions, and after a short maternity leave when sweet baby AJ was born in October, I jumped right back in this winter, and was pleasantly surprised, honored, and very flattered at how many of you chose to book your Holiday Sessions with me!

My Family, Friends, and Clients this year have been so overwhelmingly supportive, and I’ve been so blessed to have had the encouragement of each of you! I’ve learned so much this year, not only about photography, but also about running a business. Through some trial and error, lots of research, and much soul-searching, I have developed my business model for 2011. Some of the new policies I will be implementing (and current policies I will be enforcing) are listed below.

Effective January 1, 2011:

· An Agreement for Services must be signed for every Session.

· Session Fees and Collection Package Prices must be paid up front, prior to the Session. The cost for additional items ordered must be paid before the order will be placed with the lab.

· I will not begin a Session until I receive the payment and signed Agreement.

· Only one discount, special, or credit may be applied to any one Session Fee or Collection Package Price.

· Any special processing or editing requested after a Gallery is posted may incur a charge of $5.00 per image. (This excludes simple black-and-white conversions and sepia/mocha/denim tinting but may be applied to more intensive and time-consuming processing requests, which I’ve found I’m spending a lot of time on due to the popularity of such requests!)

· The time-frame between a standard Portrait Session and the Gallery posting will be up to two weeks, as stated in the Agreement (although in many cases it will be much sooner, two weeks will be the given timeline). The time-frame for Event or Wedding Session Gallery postings will be outlined in the Agreement for Services for that particular Event or Wedding.

· In accordance with the Limited Use Release provided with any disc, any image placed on any online venue (including Facebook) must be the watermarked version in order to protect and enforce my copyright of each image. The watermark must be visible and may not be cropped out.

Again, I truly and sincerely appreciate all of the wonderful support and encouragement I’ve received this year! I have worked very hard to develop my skills and talent, invested a significant amount of time and money into my training and equipment, and have followed all of the state business and tax requirements for running a small home business, so I know that each of you will understand my reasoning for the new and enforced policies. I look forward to continuing my relationship with each current Client, as well as developing new relationships with new Clients, throughout 2011. Have a great rest of the Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year!!